Startup Weekend Melbourne 2019


Friday PM:

  • Google Cloud Credit: $3,000 for hosted cloud services (no adwords) Redeem
  • .CO Domain: 1 year free, redeem with code SUW510517AUME

Saturday AM: Slide deck for Customer Discovery

Tools used:

Business Model Canvas

Graphic Requests
You can ask for: slide decks, stock photos, audio, visual, logos, etc.

  • Envato Market: View and Request (or find me)
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    Tech Check Order

    • 3:00:plant me, restore
    • 3:05:Wastr, supermum
    • 3:10:supermum, ptgo
    • 3:15:ekosnapz, cup buddy
    • 3:20:pom, pick park
    • 3:25:foodcode,

    Presentation Requirements

    • Slide Format: Wide Screen: 16:9
    • Time: 5 mins uninterrupted presentation; up to 5 mins Q&A.
    • Suggestion: Record the demo or take screenshots; live demos are risky
    • Practice: Go through the presentation no less than 10 times; every 4 mins on the 4 mins from 2PM onward
    • Equipment Provided: HDMI connector (with audio); Apple MiniDisplay Port to HDMI adapter; USB-C to HDMI;
    • Your equipment: Your own laptop(s)

    Judging Rubric: View
    Judging Criteria

    • Validation
      Did the team get out and talk to customers?
      What is the value proposition to customers?Are teams building something that people actually want?
      How well does the team understand their customer and their customer’s needs?

    • Execution & Design
      Have they established a “Minimal Viable Product” for the weekend (software, hardware, etc.)? *Note: an MVP is the minimum set of features to be able to start collecting data.
      Is the MVP designed well?
      Did the group work well as a team? (May need input from organizers/facilitator here)

    • Business Model
      Does the solution solve a core need?
      Is the way they’ll make money viable and unique?
      Have they identified how they will differentiate from their competition?

    !!! MUST DO BY 4PM !!!

    If you don’t register your team does not eat.

    Team Registration

    F6S Register here; Use SW Carlton May 10 ’19 as the location name